For Female Pattern Baldness

Need more hair on top , but don’t want to wear a full wig, The Volumizer , can give you a fuller look and blend in with your existing hair color, stays in the hair for 6 weeks then we remove  and re-attach the volumizer in the same position , you sleep with the volumizer, shower with the Volumizer, blow wave your Volumizer, treat it like your own . 

The Volumizer comes in varies density according to what is needed per individual client. Volumizers create instant volume and are ideal for fine and thinning hair. Volumizers are also used to add extra volume and length even if clients don’t have a thinning hair problem.

Volumizers are also suitable as a perfect alternative to hair extensions. With the length of 30 cm or 12 inch it is possible to create longer hair instantly which is very comfortable to wear and looks very natural.

The advantage is that now it is possible for people with very fine hair to have hair extensions. Until now the risk of breakage and great discomfort discouraged people to add length or volume to their hair.

The unique way of threading the natural hair through the fixing points and securing them, ensures that the Connection Point will never stand out from the Volumizer making it invisible to the eye while still allowing some movement.

In the silicone base there are 32 built in fixing points. These fixing points are used to secure the Volumizer to the natural hair. For this purpose the Connection points are used.

The unique inject moulded silicone base can withstand all normal hair treatments and is only vulnerable to scissors, knives or razors.

• Self moulding

• Soft

• Flexible

• Comfortable

• Re-usable

Volumizer is a new light hair pieces for thinning hair problems on the top and crown areas for women wanting fullness and who suffer from female pattern baldness , the volumizer is clipped in and stays in for 6 weeks and then re tightened ,and lasts for up to 2 years before replacing it